Outside our classrooms, our students are engaged in a varied and rich selection of extended curricular activities that promote greater peer interaction, cooperation, connection to school and build student-adult relationships. Through our programmes, we develop not just great academic students but happy and healthy students who have the skills to thrive, wherever their future takes them.

Creativity is a key competency in our academic program. At the Canadian School we nurture creativity not only in the classroom but through a whole spectrum of performing and creative arts such as dance, theatre, painting, performance and music.

Physical activity is essential to the health and development of a child. At the Canadian School, our students get involved in a whole spectrum of team and individual sport such as soccer, karate, gymnastics, track & field, yoga and basketball.

We offer a full immersion program where English is the sole medium for teaching core subject content. Research has shown that bilingual students display greater facility in learning additional languages when compared with monolinguals. As such, we offer the possibility to learn French as a third language. More languages will become available as we grow.

We are a Canadian school immersed in a Mexican society. We place special attention into teaching and honouring cultural aspects from both cultures, Mexican and Canadian. As such we celebrate both “El Día de la Independencia” and “Thanksgiving day” or “Día de los Muertos” and “Halloween” and other national commemorations.

Technology, like science, inspires our students to think and form questions based on what they see and learn. With computer clubs, coding classes and digital literacy skill sessions we are developing responsible digital citizens and the innovative technology experts of tomorrow.